Spring 2021

Well here we are 5 months into 2021 already. Like most people we glad to have 2020 in the rear view. Between the struggles of Covid 19 and Derecho it was a challange for sure. Derecho left us with a big mess as the front part of the roof blew off. Everything in the showroom got a new facelift thanks to the flood of water that poured in. But we only had to be closed the 8 days that we had no power. Once power was back up we were back to work. We saw a couple slight slow downs from both events but overall I am blessed that we could still work the whole year. Now into Mid 2021 we go. We’ve been very busy and see that to be the continuing trend. I hope everyone was safe and that life can soon get back to more of a normal for us all. Thanks for your continued support. Stop in and say Hi sometime.


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