Powder coat is the perfect solution to custom coating on any of your "metal" parts.  Powder is applied electrostatically and can be applied to any type of metals.  It can also be applied to some non-metal substrates as well. Powder coating provides an environmentally friendly, protective coating that improves product life and appearance. Once the part is powder coated, it is more resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading.  Another benefit of powder coating is that you can choose your color selection! We specialize in custom blends, colors and designs.   Let us help you with all your custom coating needs.


Cerakote Firearm Coatings

Cerakote firearm coatings are the best way to protect, restore or customize your firearm.  We offer custom designs and colors.  TCC is a "Certified Applicator".  For the customer, that means getting the job done right!  Applications are not limited to firearms only, we custom coat all kinds of other items, sunglasses, Stainless Steel Mugs etc.  If it can't be powder coated then ceramic is often a very good option.  Colors and designs are limitless.  Let your imagination fly.



CerakoteTM High Temperature Coatings are designed to improve the performance of exhaust systems. These coatings prevent corrosion, increase durability and provide thermal insulation. CerakoteTM exhaust coatings are available in a variety of colors and finishes with temperature ratings up to 2000 degrees.   Cerakote is perfect for coating firepits, fireplace trim, engine parts or anything that just get's hot.  Let us help with your next project.






Media Blasting

We offer Media Cabinet Blasting for multiple type jobs.  Weather it's for a fragile part that needs lower pressure, or a really rusty heavy duty job.  We can clean it.   We also have a sandblast room that we use for the larger jobs that will not fit in the cabinet.  A properly cleaned surface is 90% of the coating job.  If you don't start with a good clean surface everything else is sacrificed from there. So cleaning is the beginning to a perfect coating job. 



Hydrographics or Hydrodipping  has several generic names. Some of the names include Water Transfer Printing, Immersion Printing,
Camo Dipping, and many more. You might ask what can hydrographics be applied too? The answer is nearly any 3D object that is made from plastic, wood, glass, and metal. A general rule of thumb is if it can be painted it can be dipped. Some of the most popular items to dip are guns, bows, Skulls, automotive trim & bezels, wheels, computer cases, ATV's, golf carts, and many more!


Custom Coating

Custom coating is really limited to the imagination.  There are so many things possible.  Custom designs, logo's, favorite sports team, memorial tributes, it's all in the realm.  Whether it's ceramic or powder coating, we will have a solution.

Make it Unique

Custom color mixes and blending offer a very unique look.