DON'T BUY NEW, Refinish your those warn, chipping or rusty wheels.  Powder coat is an affordable option.  Many colors and designs are available.  Aluminum or Steel Rims can be affordably refinished to look like new again.  Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Trailer, Semi etc.. we do them all.



So many amazing colors to refresh the old bike you have.  Or maybe you have a new one , but hate the color, you can personalize it with the color of your choice.



So many amazing colors to refresh the old yard are or special items you love but just need a facelift.  Powder coating is the perfect way to achieve this. We do many custom projects that require specialty detail for multi color applications.

Furniture, Vintage Stools & Chairs

Everybody seems to have on of these old vintage chairs or stools. Used to be Grandma's, right?  Or you sat in it when you were little.   We can make it new again. Don't by new, Restore!  Custom designs, and Retro colors if you like.  Old to New in a jiffy.  Call us for your next restoration project.


Here is the perfect option to restore that engine, whether it's the block, heads, intakes or valve covers.  Powder Coating or Cerakote Ceramic Coating are great options.  Cerakote has high temperature ratings, perfect for any parts that get over 250 degrees on a regular basis.  Thermal Barrier Coatings are good for piston tops, inside headers and pipes to reduce overall heat.  Either finish is good, just personal preference as to which finish best suits your needs and style.  Let us help with your next project!


Check out these amazing projects using Gun Candy.  Customized clear coats add life to your project.  So many possibilities from a trusted product.  We are excited to help make your next gun or other project have an amazing topcoat.



Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that can be applied to  metals, plastics, polymers and wood. The incredible formulation used in  Cerakote ceramic coating enhances a number of physical performance  properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance,  chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. Each of these  are tested to guarantee that Cerakote products  remain at the to level of the ceramic coatings market. Cerakote ceramic  coatings utilize top of  technology to out-perform any  competitive coating in both laboratory settings and real world  applications.  Tammi's Custom Coating is currently the only "Certified Applicator" in the area.  Put these coatings to the test on your next project.

Powder Coating on Drinkware

Custom Coated Cups/Koozies

There are so many possibilities to customize your drink ware.  Powder Coating is very durable and Customizable.  We have really dialed in  our skills to really add life and "WOW" to these projects.  Every project is different depending on the taste and likes of the customer.  Possibilities are really endless.  What's you Dream Cup?

Merchandise Center

Check out our many amazing products we offer for sale in our Merchandise Center. Located at the back side of the showroom.  We have T-shirts, Hats, Decals, Metal Signs and Custom Stainless Steel tumblers and drinkware available.


Here is a custom project we did for Liberty Iron Work out of Mt. Vernon , Iowa.  This project went to a college in West Burlington Iowa.  Represents the Double Helix, or stand of your DNA.  Custom Powder coated, Zinc Rich Primer,  A custom Red to match the College colors, and Satin Black.  This project required many man hours to tape and prep and separate the colors.  It was defiantly a challenge, but we got it done.


Custom Ceramic Coated Veteran Art

I have coated about 5 of these custom made yard stakes recently.  They come in raw metal.  We sandblast and prime them with Powder Coating Zinc Rich Primer  After the primer is cured we use Cerakote Ceramic Gun Coatings to customize the design and style of each statue.  We have done Army and Navy and soon to be doing a Fireman one.  Each one is  unique in it's design and coloring.  These are a very fun, yet time consuming project.  But the end results are amazing.  I gave one to a good friend as a tribute for his service to this country.

Custom Ceramic Coated Auto Restoration projects

We continue to see more and more of the Auto restoration projects that we are using Cerakote Ceramic coatings on.  Everything from Engine parts, Exhaust , Trim pieces and Rims.  The possibilities are unlimited to what can be done.  We have to date done 3 custom projects for a builder and also a lot of private collectors.  Here are some pictures of some of these projects.